Perenlaantje: Berceau with Espaliered Fruit Flourishes

The pear lane, a berceau with espalier pears is pleasure to see. In springtime because of the blossom, in summer beceause of the fruits that grow on the trees. It is a special experience to walk underneath such a foliage corridor…

The berceau with espalier in Hendrik Ido Ambacht is the longest berceau in Europe : the foliage corridor is 550 meters long and has 1,100 leipers. The foliage was created in 1920 and some trees date from that year. At the beginning of the 21 th century, the arch construction was renovated and bad trees were replaced by new ones.

Espaliered Pears

The pears of the Perenlaantje are so-called strings, belonging to the following cultivars: Pyrus domestica ‘Conference’, ‘Triomphe de Vienne’, ‘Bonne Louise d’Avranches’.

In the beginning the lane was located in an agricultural area, but nowadays it is surrounded by Vinex district De Volgerlanden.

Address Perenlaantje

Perenlaantje, 3344HA Hendrik Ido Ambacht.

Walk down the Perenlaantje street in Vinexwijk De Volgerlanden, cross the Vrouwgelenweg straight on on foot (cross the bridge) and the berceau starts 50 m further on.

From the other side, the Laan van Welhorst, you can already see the berceau from the road.

Opening Hours

Freely accessible.

Tips :

  • On a sunny day at the beginning of May , during the blossom, the berceau is at its best. In July / August , the trees are full of pears.
  • Het Perenlaantje is an idyllic location; very suitable for a romantic bridal reportage . Especially for people with roots in fruit growing!

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