Naturally Pink Apple Sauce: Homemade and Delicious

Pink Applesauce - Naturally Delicious!

Pink applesauce from apples with pink flesh, how about that ?! Made from natural pink apple sauce with quinces, for an extra deep flavor. And there are also sea manners to make pink applesauce. Try out our recipes!

Pink Applesauce from Pink Pulp

A new apple variety produces apples whose pulp naturally has a pink color . Pink applesauce is not yet available in stores, but fun to make yourself. The preparation of pink applesauce is the same as for regular applesauce: remove the core, peel the apples and cook until pure in a pan. Add sugar and / or cinnamon to taste. Adding some lemon juice works as a natural preservative. Those who want apple sauce ‘with pieces’ do not cook the apples completely to puree, for example by adding some of the apple pieces only halfway through the cooking time. If you want a smooth apple sauce, let the applesauce cook a little longer and can still sift it. Tip: Dompel de appels na het schillen direct in een pan water met wat citroensap, om bruinverkleuring (oxidatie) van de appelstukjes tegen te gaan. Giet het meeste water af voordat je de appels tot moes kookt. Suiker toevoegen is vaak niet nodig.

Pink Apple-Quince Puree

Don’t have apples with pink flesh available? Then know that you can also make delicious pink apple quince puree. Use quinces instead of regular pears and follow this recipe for apple-pear sauce . Most quince cultivars naturally develop a pink color during cooking; you don’t need ‘pear red’ like with regular stewed pears. Quinces also have a much deeper flavor than regular stewed pears.

Pink Applesauce from Star Apples

Pink applesauce is not entirely new: it was also possible to make pink / red applesauce from nostalgic Star apples. The pink color is obtained by cooking the red skin into a pulp; the flesh of star apples themselves is plain white.

Pink Applesauce with Red Fruit

You can also make pink applesauce by adding a dash of blackberry juice .


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