Local Produce

Our Local produce

Local produce and seasonal ingredients are hot. Throughout the seasons Den Delft makes artisanal treats using organic farming. The artisanal and organically produced vegetables are following the seasons from the open ground. As fresh as possible. Pure nature. Bursting with flavor.

Our Vegetables

We grow our own rhubarb, pumpkins (edible and ornamental), Jerusalem artichockes, tomatoes and more. When you visit us you in growing season (May trough september) you can see our vegetables growing on the plant.

Buying vegetables

In may we sell our rhubarb, fresh from the open ground and in late August to late October we sell our pumpkins (edible and ornamental).

Did you know?

Our most famous local produce is rhubarb. Within the local produce, this is a seasonal product.

According to our customers we grow the most delicious rhubarb.

For more than 50 years / three generations.

We grow rhubarb as a seasonal product in the traditional way, of open ground, with a peak harvest in May. Once you have tasted rhubarb from Den Delft, you know what you have missed before.

Our rhubarb is in fact delicious. Much better tasting than the rhubarb from the supermarkets.



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