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How to Colour Your Pink Hydrangea Blue: Practical Tips

Colour your own Pink Hydrangea Blue

Every garden has a Hydrangea. Many garden lovers ask themselves how they get a blue colour in the flowers of their Hydrangea. In this article you read about the key factors for the blue discoloration. And practical tips to colour your own hydrangea blue. A reverse discoloration is of course also possible.

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Jerusalem Artichoke, a Culinary Delicacy

Jerusalem Artichoke, a Culinary Delicacy

The holidays in December invite everyone to experiment in the kitchen. Perhaps the right time to try Jerusalem artichoke. Top restaurants have rediscovered this forgotten vegetable, replacing the potato, and praise the nutty flavour.

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Berceau, Charming Garden Element

Berceau, Romantic Garden Element

A berceau, or arbour, is a overgrown garden path.  On either side of the walkway  trees or bushes are planted, which are connected to one another above the path.  A berceau can be overgrown with evergreens and / or flowering plants of many varieties. Espaliered trees are also possible.
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Grafting trees on several rootstocks! A Curiosity Indeed

Curiosity: Mangrove Tree grafted on Multiple Rootstocks

Grafting trees are not so rare, but this tree  from a distance, a first glance immediately evokes questions: a fruit tree without a trunk ?! A West European mangrove tree? The curious tree invites you to take a closer look … 

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Vondelpark Amsterdam

Vondelpark Amsterdam

Famous city park in the Netherlands

The Vondelpark, just outside the canals in the hart of Amsterdam, dates from 1865 and covers 470,000 m2 of nature. The Vondelpark is a popular spot because of the silence, peace and nature. Young and old spend their free time there. The monument attracts as many as 10 million visitors each year. The authentic character of the Vondelpark and the charming atmosphere have been largely preserved through the centuries. Read More

Japanese Garden Clingendael, green oasis in The Hague

Japanese Garden Clingendael, Green Oasis in The Hague

The Japanese Garden is located at estate Clingendael, between The Hague and Wassenaar in The Netherlands. The garden dates back to around 1910. With a surface area of 6800 m2 it is the largest, one of the oldest and best preserved Japanese gardens in The Netherlands. In 8 weeks time, the garden attracts about 10,000 visitors. From an international point of view, the garden is unique and famous.

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Park Clingendael in The Hague : Impressive and Beautiful

Park Clingendael in The Hague: Impressive and Beautiful

It is nice to combine your visit to the Japanese garden with the adjoining Park Clingendael. This vast park offers extensive possibilities for walking and picnics. Through winding forest path you pass rolling lawn, rustic brooks and historical buildings.

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Nature Education: Mother Nature as Tutor

Nature Eduction: Mother Nature as Tutor

Positive effects of nature educationeffecten van de natuureducatie op children

You probably forgotten what it felt like when you saw your first butterfly as a child, caught your first fish with a fishing pole, or built a cabin in the woods. And yet you just know that it must have been a euphoric moment. You’re probably not aware of it, but such lyrical experiences have been essential in becoming who you are now. Children of the present generation have less and less opportunities for themselves to also gain such experiences. Our environment and lifestyle is becoming increasingly more regulated and guided into straight paths.
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