Clingendael estate: Pendulum wall with Trained Fruit

Pendulum wall of Clingendael Estate restored to its former glory

The pendulum wall at Landgoed Clingendael dates from 1730 and is 20 meters long. In 2014, the fruit wall was completely renovated and planted with new espalier trees. On the other side of the lawn is another long straight fruit wall with some led fruit trees.

Fruitwalls Clingendael

Clingendael has two types of fruit walls: a straight fruit wall and a pendulum wall.

Straight Fruitwall

A straight fruit wall is the simplest type of fruit wall . The difference between a ‘normal’ wall and a straight fruit wall is that the latter is specially built to grow espalier fruit. A straight fruit wall therefore always has a slate construction, made of wooden slats or tension wires.

Pedulum Wall

A pendulum wall is a type of fruit wall that consists of pillars between which round walls are built. The arc-shaped niches are interspersed with flat wall parts.

The wall has 6 niches of 3 m wide on the sunny side. Each niche has a hardwood slatted construction against which the espalier fruit grows. Different fruits (pear, peach, mulberry) grow along the wall in different espalier shapes (cord, palm, fan).

Pictures of the fruitwall

Address & Accessibility


Clingendael 12A, 2597 VH Den Haag


If you walk from the front of the Clingendael Institute to the pond (200 m away), the winding wall is halfway on your right. At the same height on your left, in front of the standard orchard, is the other, straight fruit wall.

Opening Hours

Free access from sunrise to sunset.

More information:

Also consult our article ‘Park Clingendael in The Hague: imposing and beautiful’

Combine your visit with a walk through Park Clingendael. The Japanese Garden on the estate is only open for a few weeks in May / June and October and is very worthwhile.


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