Buitenplaats Berbice: Experimental Fruit Garden revived

Buitenplaats Berbice has a few hundred meters of fruit walls. These fruit walls were built between 1688 and 1716. A special feature of Berbice is that it was an experimental fruit garden at the end of the 17 th century.

Trained fruit

At the end of the 17 th and in the 18 th centuries, Buitenplaats Berbice was a knowledge center for fruit growing, where different types of fruit walls were tested. Afterwards, the walls fell into disuse and were overgrown with plants. Between 2015 and 2020, these slate walls were renovated and replanted with espalier fruit (mainly pears, but also grape and peach). The different types of fruit walls of yesteryear are now clearly visible:

  • retranchement wall (pendulum wall)
  • meander wall (meander wall)
  • back-sloping straight fruit wall
  • forward leaning straight fruit wall (painted white)

Other features

  • rose garden
  • park (designed by Johan David Zocher early 19 e century)
  • standard orchard with historical fruit varieties (created in 2016)


Leidseweg 221, 2253 AE Voorschoten

Opening Hours

Berbice has limited opening hours; including during the Heritage Day . Only the park is open to the public; the house and the orangery are not accessible. Consult the website for more information.


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