Painting and Drawing

Painting and Drawing

The central theme in painting and drawing of nature, is the four seasons. Den Delft has a special collection of flowers and plants that can serve as inspiration and an object to every painter. Every time something fascinating, Depending on what the season offers and current events (holidays). In sunny weather, you can paint or draw outside in the open air; when it is rainy you can draw inside a greenhouse which gives a lovely view of the garden.

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Den Delft has many nice places where you can paint and draw: a large pergola (covered with fragrant roses), in Japanese atmosphere among ginkgo trees, on the grass with a view of our borders with Japanese Acers and other wonderful flowers and plants or between flavorful tomatoes, cucumbers and grapes and exotic plants like our hibiscus with its big and bright red flowers in our greenhouse. There is always a nice place for a small social gathering.


Sign up: Individually or as a (private) group.
Times: By appointment during the day or in the evening .
Costs: €12,50 per visit. Free tea.
Period: February- September.


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