Nature Education Delft

 Nature Education Delft


Nature Education Delft is essential for the growth and development of a child. When in contact with nature children playfully learn to cooperate, think creatively, create, form social skills and learn valuable lessons that they would otherwise miss out on. Den Delft organizes nature education in the region of Delft. Den Delft has agricultural roots and a engaging collection of plants and is therefore the perfect partner to pass along nature experiences.

You have probably forgotten what it felt like when you saw your first butterfly as a child, caught your first fish or build a hut in the forest.  And still you know that it ought to have been a magical moment. You are probably not aware of it, but such experiences have been essential for becoming who you are know.

The present generation of children get less and less opportunities to form such experiences for themselves. Our environment and way of life becomes more and more regulated and led in  straight paths.

Educational packages for nature education Delft


We would like to take care of nature education courses for schools and educational purposes.

We  would like to introduce you to an educational program tailored to the teaching material at school. Contact us to inform you about the possibilities.

Read more about the importance of nature education in our article Nature education: Mother nature as tutor



Contact us for more information about the possiblities for nature education for your school.


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