KiVive: Growing Old Healthy

KiVive: Growing Old Healthy


KiVive is a local movement in Delft to grow old active and healthy. Gardening is the magic word to accomplish this.

Gardening is the healthiest sport. You keep moving and among people. And every day you see everything growing and blooming, with your help.

The benefits of gardening:

  • You keep moving actively, at your own pace. You stay with people and always have something to talk about.
  • You are in the middle of life, literally and figuratively.
  • You will discover new plants, scents, colors, flavors and shapes.
  • Gardening is beneficial, it calms your body and mind.
  • Gardening inspires, promotes your creative thinking.
  • Plants grow and develop, so no two days are the same.
  • Gardening gives you satisfaction (sometimes with trial and error ;-)).

Nature is an underexposed element to solve problems in today’s society, but is gaining interest. Among others from (preventive) health care, sociology and education.

Retired but too young to peer behind the Geraniums? Stay spry and lend a hand with gardening at Den Delft.

Healthy and happy aging is (largely) in your own hands!

Inquire via the contact form below from Den Delft.

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