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Flower Garden of Den Delft: Idyllic and Cozy Spot

The flower garden of Den Delft has a large variety of flowers which bloom from early spring till late autumn.


In the spring the bulbs flower in rapid succession. The overlap in flowering periods provide a colorful symphony of bulb flowers that emerge from the ground and perish again. The large variation in bulbs reminds you of a miniature Keukenhof.

Spring flowering

Shortly after the flowering of the bulbs follow the perennials and spring-flowering shrubs and trees. For example, an imposing Magnolia with cup-shaped purple flowers that leave a carpet of petals.

Summer Flowering Plants

In the summer, the soil becomes covered . Climbers such as Lonicera spreads its scents throughout the garden and attracts all kinds of nectar-seeking insects.

Autumn Colours

Autumn colors the leaves and flowering plants at Den Delft. Especially beautiful are the Maples.


In the winter there is less blooms, but the plants that do stand out more. Winter Flowering plants have odors that smell strong and  pleasant. Flowers smell attracts the scarce available insects and this way they secure their seed formation and continued existence.


Biodiversity in the plant kingdom is unprecedented. All outdoor plants in Den Delft are carefully selected for their amenity and garden enjoyment. Here one can think of dozens of features, including natural fragrance, flowering period and duration, but also rustling leaf, butterfly-attracting power, winter silhouette, berry formation, leaf discoloration, leaf shape and resistances against illness.

The plant biodiversity attracts all kinds of insects, birds and animals life.

Little anecdotes of life on The Delft

  • Tulips whose flowers open each morning and close again in the evening.
  • Trees whose leaves’ open morning and evening closing night.
  • Ginko trees, which date from the era of the dinosaurs.
  • Maples with scarlet red leaves sprouting.
  • Hibiscus flowers as big as an omelette.

The garden of Den Delft is actually a living painting. From the spring, when plants sprout massively, until the autumn, when the autumn colors appear, the garden changes every day.

Flower Garden Den Delft

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