Fauna of Den Delft: Natural Biodiversity

Between the planting of Den Delft, flutters, hops and wanders a colorful collection of fauna. All in all, Den Delft houses a small zoo, birds and mammals (hedgehog) to amphibians (salamander) and invertebrates. Birdhouses, bee hotel and hedgehog cabinet ensure that they are completely at home.

Micro ZOO

The plant diversity attracts a micro-zoo of insects. Which in turn attract a zoo of other life. Under a microscope small creatures look a lot more impressive.


There are lots of different birds at Den Delft. The great tit you can find throughout the year in Den Delft. But through the years starlings and lawpings have paid a visit to Den Delft and in spring we have a birds nesting in our own sparrows flat.

Water Animals

In the water behind Den Delft you can find different waterbirds and fish.


All in all Den Delft is an extraordinary and lively garden closed in between city Delft and villiage of Den Hoorn.

More  information about the fauna of Den Delft contact us via the contact form on the website of or just stop by!

View also our gallery om to get an impression of the animal life at Den Delft

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